Pendleton Shirt Vintage Silver and Brass Buttons

#7 pendleton
Limited edition of 99

Pendleton Shirt Vintage Silver and Brass Buttons. Bill has been Collecting Vintage Pendleton Shirts for over 17 Years. Bill Only collects a Certain style of these shirts.

These are some of the best ones in his Collection

Please keep in mind the Sizes posted are Pendleton Sizing Marked on lables

Bill thinks the shirts are made Between the early 1950's to late 1960's we have no way of Verifying the years made only what he was told by sellers

Sizes marked on tags are in these range 14.5 15 15.5 16 16.5 17 17.5 Bill can wear sizes 16 to 17.5 Large size

Bwl will also sell you a set of Buttons Because we all have our Favorite shirts and these may not be your thing

All of the shirts have been Dry Cleaned and Pressed Bill's way

All BWL Malibu™ Products may be discontinued without notice.

With Respect

Bill Wall

Numbered as made
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