WC640 21" Wallet Chain with Hoshi U-joint Links and Rhino Clip

Made with the finest materials

Rhino Clip with Hoshi U-Joint link Wallet chain length is 21" and weight is 361g

The U-joint was originally created in 1995 and is now a flagship item. This is the newest style link named the Hoshi Link. Hoshi means "star" in Japanese. This is handmade and hand fitted together item for a very unusual feel and look. The name U-Joint comes from the way it bends and functions and this style is truly unique to the BWL brand.

Price includes character engraving where appropriate and is personally done by Bill.

All BWL Malibu™ Wallet Chains are handmade and guaranteed. Bill uses only the finest materials and each of his creations is one-of-a-kind. Limited edition products can be discontinued without notice.

Handcrafted in Malibu California
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