18K Chain Bracelet

Numbered as made

All BWL Malibu™ 18K Gold Bracelets are custom-made to order and guaranteed limited and serial Numbered 

The parts are Polished Before Welding Them together YES Welding NO solder This is the Ultimate Way in Assembly Guaranteeing the most pure Gold in The Bracelet 

BWL works with you throughout the Ordering Process BWL makes and sends you the Bracelet Built in Silver to check Fitment Before building the Gold Bracelet 

Most of the Items can be Personally Engraved. Bill is the only one at BWL who dose Engraving at BWL

Bill Believes Service Is a Priority and is Happy to include Engraving with your Orders

contact BWL for current pricing.

With Respect 

Bill Wall 

Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers