4mm Stone Ring Your Choice of Stone Colors

Made with the finest materials

Single ring (photo shows 2 rings for reference only)

All BWL Malibu Rings are custom-made to order and guaranteed.

R441 is Modeled after of of Bill's most Popular rings R215 10mm Stone Originally Created in1996. Over Twenty years of Production this is the thinest and smallest one Available Width is 5.5mm Weight Average 6.5gr.

Price includes engraving. Bill is the only person at BWL who does Engraving

Please Choose Stone color Stone are Nice Synthetic lab grown and made in Germany 01-Red Garnet, 02-Purple Amethyst, 03-Blue Aquamarine, 04-Clear CZ, Green 05-Emerald, 06-Plum-Blue Alaxandrite, 07-Red Ruby, 08-Green Peridot, 09-Blue Sapphire, 10-Pink Turmaline, 11-Yellow Topaz, 12-Blue Zircon 

Each ring is cast under sized then sanded three times on inside to reach the fine metal finish below the casting surface then stretched to Exact size Requested

There are as many as 17 steps in the finishing of a BWL Ring
can be discontinued without notice.

Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers