Happy Face "Pin"

Made with the finest materials

Happy Face or sometimes called Smile Face. "PIN"

originally Created it as a Gift to my Friends. I felt like People would like to have A Positive Message And I could show some Love and Respect.

If you Look Closely At ( Graffiti Models ) all of the words used Have a Positive Meaning (Graffiti Models ) Trust, Faith, Amor, Passion, Respect, Peace, Each Model has different Stamping and Symbols Some are just Simple with no Stamping. 

Each year I make a few new ones Inspired by Friends and Clients from around the world.

Measurements are on Average Length 20mm Width 20mm Thickness 3.4mm Weight 9 gr. "Has Smaller loop on Top"

All BWL Malibu Pin's are custom-made to order and guaranteed.

Bill uses only the finest materials and each of his creations is one-of-a-kind. Limited edition products. "Can be discontinued without notice"

Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers