Lanyard Beads Copper First Editions #VS

Made with the finest materials

Each pair comes with 5ft of 550 paracord rope Mil Spec Type lll 7 strand. Colors available are: Black, Red, Pink, Urban camo and Purple camo

Bill would like to share his design and manufacturing skills with Knife Makers and Knife collectors. 

BWL has been making items out of various alloys for years mostly not for Jewelry the Alloys shown in photos has been used for Commemorative, Medallions, Anniversaries, Movie and Film Celebrations and Musical tours.

By request of BWL's clients and friends Bill has decided to release some Limited Edition Lanyard Beads #VS-BR-CP-WB-YB these are the product codes of alloys #VS stands for vintage skull. 

Alloys are all jewelry safe metals but in this case sold as Lanyard Beads. 

We will only make to order for Knife Makers (Bill Wall Leather Website EXCLUSIVE)

Bill will offer design and manufacturing to Knife Makers Please contact BWL to request a custom order form.

Bill uses only the finest materials and each of his creations is one-of-a-kind. Limited edition products can be discontinued without notice.

Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers