Custom Order Meteorite with Gold Parts Pendant (Deposit)

Made with the finest materials

Requires $1,818 deposit and we will contact you about options and discuss budget. 

Welcome to the ultimate custom one-of-a-kind pendant where we create it for you.

Base of pendant is Gibeon Iron-Nickel Meteorite 4.6 billion years old before it landed on earth from outer space. 

In photos there are many examples of how this can be made. Please look through them to see how things can be applied. 

Parts are available in the following metals:

Bronze, Silver, 18K Yellow/Rose/White gold and 22K yellow gold.

Can be soldered on to meteorite with silver or 18K yellow gold solder.

Stones are mostly 2mm and natural stones. BWL has nice choices available. 

This pendant is only made by Bill.

Price includes character engraving where appropriate and is personally done by Bill. 

I know there is some photos of other rare materials like dinosaur stuff and pre-historic ivory. We try not to limit the ways it can be made.

Bill uses only the finest materials and each of his creations is one-of-a-kind. Limited edition products can be discontinued without notice.

All BWL Malibu™ Pendants are custom-made and guaranteed.

Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers