Bill Wall Leather

Inspired by the sea and nature

The brand born & raised in Malibu, California

BWL available at BEAMS in Japan!


Established 1976 in Harajuku, Tokyo, BEAMS originated as an American lifestyle shop.

A pioneer of lifestyle retailing, BEAMS has since developed numerous labels to encompass an ever evolving array of styles and trends.

BEAMS shops are finely curated with an international selection of designer pieces and original brand products.

Now with more than 150 shops across Japan and Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Bangkok, BEAMS has grown into a major lifestyle retailer with businesses in fashion, home furnishing, arts, cafe and dining.


Bill Wall Leather and Beams met back in 1997. Since then, we have held mutual respect for one another and have successfully held various collaborations and events together. With such a good relationship for both of us, this time we are opening an official brand site. We occasionally introduce first in the world exclusive lines and items developed by BEAMS.