Horseshoe Pendant "HEART with BANNER" Top - Medium

Made with the finest materials

Horseshoe Pendants also available with 18k Yellow Gold Overlay Top! Select your favorite below.

All BWL Malibu Pendants are custom-made to order and guaranteed. Bill uses only the finest materials and each of his creations is one-of-a-kind.

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(A) Lucky, (B) Cross, (C) Heart with Banner, (D) Nautical Star, (E) Tribal Heart, (F) B Initial.

Horseshoe Pendants are also available in Large Size PN1036 and PN1036C (w/gold overlay) with your choice of tops. Check them out on our website!

Measurements are on average: 
Width 16.5mm, Thickness 3 to 6.5mm, Length 33mm, Weight Average 9gr. All BWL Items are made to Order.

This item can be discontinued without notice.


Handcrafted in Malibu California
We ♥ our BWL Customers