Premium Tequila Topped by Bill Wall

When you distill some of the world’s best tequila (blanco) and distribute it to a limited number of the liquor world’s cognoscenti, it’s important to put a final crowning touch on the packaging to set your product even further apart. That was exactly the idea when the DELEÓN® brand approached Bill to design their bottle’s cap. Fine-line detailing accentuates the signature ornate metal closure, the master for which was meticulously hand-carved by Bill Wall from a one pound solid ball of sterling silver. Displayed in a stunning bespoke-style bottle made from high-quality fragrance-grade glass and boldly tattooed with the distinguishing mark of the DELEÓN® brand. Each expression in the ultra-premium and luxury collections is strikingly defined.

Food & Beverage Magazine tells the story: "It's not often that a new spirit comes along in stunning packaging and the liquid inside comes close to being as appealing as its visual promise on the bar. But DeLeon Diamante tequila is one such product. For decades this elegant Blanco has been enjoyed by those privileged few who were acquainted with the prominent Mexican family that produced this tequila in their own fabrica in the highlands of Purisma de Rincon, Mexico. It's not often you'd think to sip Blanco neat, but twist open the carved silver cap designed by rock and roll jewelry designer Bill Wall and pour it neat to experience a certain and pleasant heat that pops into the throat when experienced this way."